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Philadelphia writing/production duo Sarah Dia Rue + Justin King disappeared into Justin's  basement studio during lockdown and re-emerged as the prophetic new project, TWIN SINES. Their idea was to create a sound that bridged Justin's grunge/hip hop roots with Sarah's love for jazz piano. 

Twin Sines lives for the stage. Sarah doubles as the band's creative director - designing surreal, multimedia performance art moments and incorporating them into live shows. Twin Sines shows are like watching a movie; the group collaborates with Artists of different mediums, film elements and light effects, but these elements remain founded in great musicianship and songs that tell a story. 

Twin Sines' debut album - MAN DOWN- is a massive sonic landscape written by Sarah and self-produced by Justin. The album channels the mania and euphoria of an awakening. Through creating MAN DOWN, the duo fell in love (awe), which brought their stage energy to a new level.

Their debut performance took place at World Cafe Live in January of 2022 - during which MAN DOWN was rearranged and played in reverse order while an artist documented the intense performance in live sketches. Audience members speculated about the meaning behind the sketch artist, and the introverted Sarah later stated that the artist was a way of "leaning into the idea of being watched" and her feelings about it, adding that the performance was her way of "letting go of trying to control how she's perceived at the expense of being authentic." 

"MAN UP @ World Cafe Live" - the second release from Twin Sines, will feature live versions of songs from the debut show. The EP hits the waves on August 10th, 2022.



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Press photos by Price Stevenson IV